A Midsummer Night's Dream

Dance performance

Puck isn’t just the mischievous little elf of fairytales. He is the one who, if he feels like it, pulls all the characters on a string. Unleashes instincts and activates the mechanism of the world it creates. His dual nature as a random vortex of creative and destructive power manifests itself in ambivalent characters. In perhaps one of Shakespeare’s most outspoken and passionate pieces, four couples roam on a strange mid-summer night in the Athens forest. Two young couples in love, the lord of Athens and his new bride, whom he acquired by weapon, are the quarreling princes of the wizarding world: Queen Titania and Oberon, the fairy king. They are all looking for someone or something; sometimes each other, sometimes themselves. Does Puck and magic really turn everyone out of their own selves, or do they merely evoke their long-standing but deeply hidden suffocating feelings inside them? Are they masters of their desires and instincts or rather addicted to them? Day and Night, Light and Darkness, Virtue and Sin. Attractions and choices.
Shakespeare’s enigmatic work raises countless questions to which there are no clear, valid answers to everything and everyone. Questions that – this time – a dance play redefines in its own sensual language in the deepest pits of emotions, in the world of the subconscious and dreams.
Director-choreographer: Dóra Barta choreographer, (Harangozó-award, Meritorious Artist), director of Kecskemét City Balett. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is her first choreography at Miskolc National Theatre, which is performed by the dancers of Miskolci Balett.

First performance: 27th April 2019


Puck: Cintia Mohai
Demetrius: Dániel Dragos
Helena: Boglárka Kovalszki
Lysander: Richárd János Márton
Hermia: Boglárka Kepess / Lili Harangozó
Theseus: Ádám Lukács
Hippolyta: Andrea Kocsis
Oberon: Dániel Bolla
Titania: Mirjam Bányai / Boglárka Szűcs
Nick Bottom: Patrik Dávid
Egéus, Indian boy: Filippo Nestola
Revels: Guido Di Vona
Set and Costume design: ÁKOS MÁTRAVÖLGYI
Stage design: DÓRA BARTA
Consultant: TAMÁS SZABÓ
Light design: ZOLTÁN KATONKA
Stage manager/Coreographer assistant: ATTILA FŰZI
Director-Coreographer: DÓRA BARTA Harangozó-award, Meritorious Artist