A Clockwork Orange

Dance performance

„What's it going to be then, eh?” asks Alex, the main character, who is an immensely aggressive, manipulative young man, although at the same time he is also a fan of classical music and is pretty sharp-minded. He spends his days in the company of his subordinate droogs (friends). They rob, fight, rape women together…just for the sheer joy of it, without any real purpose. Alex is jailed for his deeds, but after a while, he gets the chance to become „normal” so he can live freely again. Alex takes the opportunity, but the result is something quite different from what he expects...

 „Is it better for a man to have chosen evil than to have good imposed upon him?” asks Alex in a world, where the State does not shy away from brainwashing to suppress violence – although this violence is, paradoxically, the only means of preserving dignity and free will.

The unique world of Anthony Burgess's novel and the film made of it by Stanley Kubrick is now being staged as a dance performance at Miskolc National Theater.

First performance: 30th October 2020


Dance performance based on the works of Anthony Burgess

Alex, leader of the gang: Richárd János Márton
Georgie, member of the gang: Filippo Nestola
Dim, member of the gang, policeman: Dávid Patrik
Pete, member of the gang: Guido di Vona
Old man: Giovanni Buttacavoli
P R. Deltoid, post-corrective adviser: Dániel Bolla
F. Alexander, writer: Ádám Lukács
The writer's wife: Johanna Kozma
Alex's father: Attila Fűzi
Alex' mother: Andrea Kocsis
Tenant of the parents: Flóra Mátyás
Bar dancer's: Lili Harangozó, Flóra Mátyás, Cintia Mohai, Boglárka Szűcs
Marty, teenage girl: Boglárka Szűcs
Sonietta, teenage girl: Boglárka Kepess
Cat lady: Giovanni Buttacavoli
Policemen: Flóra Mátyás, Boglárka Kepess
Prison pastor: Dániel Bolla
Head of prison: Boglárka Szűcs
Dr. Brodsky, psychiater: Cintia Mohai
Nurse: Lili Harangozó
Prime minister: Johanna Kozma
Billyboy, leader of the rival gang: Attila Fűzi  

Setdesigner: Mihály Verebes
Costume designer: Mara Bozóki
Dramaturg: Attila Kozma
Music: András Kiss, András Rákai
Lightning: Dániel Dragos
Coreographer assistant: Attila Fűzi
Stage-manager: Attila Fűzi

Coreographer: Dániel Dragos

Director: Attila Kozma